Spiritual Anatomy

I wanted to share with you a fascinating article from Heartfulness Magazine detailing the five Koshas or layers around a human system. We are not just our physical body. We are surrounded by primarily 5 layers. According to the Taittiriya Upanishad, written around the 6th century BCE, it is mentioned there are five layers, sheaths, or kośhas in the human system from the densest to the subtlest level. Here are the insights into our Spiritual Anatomy.

Annamaya Kosha 

This kosha represents the Physical sheath, the densest form that we can sense, feel and move. It is fuelled by what we eat. It is vital that you eat a good sattvic diet and practice asana to build a strong body.

Pranamaya Kosha 

This kosha represents the Energy sheath, the subtler than the physical sheath which is the flow of energy or Prana around the body. It is fuelled by Prana absorbed by breath, food we eat and cosmic universal life force that surrounds us and permeates us. Practice of pranayama helps to keep this energy flowing that also keeps the body healthy.

Manomaya Kosha 

This kosha represents the Mental sheath, subtler than the Energy body. It comprises the mind and emotions that influence both energy and physical bodies. By practicing Pratyahara and Dharana, we become self aware and be able to calm our mind.

Vignyanamaya Kosha

This kosha represents the Wisdom sheath subtler than the Manomaya Kosha. It comprises intuition and wisdom. It influences all the layers beneath it. It is the deepest level from which we receive messages from beyond free from thought, emotion or judgement.

Anandamaya Kosha 

This kosha represents the bliss sheath subtlest of all. It is the sheath of happiness, joy and bliss, the state of sat -chit- anand, the absolute truth, consciousness and bliss.

Through practicing yoga we embark on our spiritual journey where all these sheaths or koshas are refined and transcended there by expanding  our consciousness until we realize our absolute reality of Self. I started my transformative journey 12 years back and I can vouch for Heartfulness. With practice and dedication you will be able to overcome challenges and transcend levels to uncover your true Self. The journey is beautiful and can be easily incorporated in your daily life. You have to try it out to experience it! Learn more about Heartfulness.

Hope you found the Spiritual Anatomy interesting. If you did like to know more, please checkout my referenced websites below:

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