My Journey with Heartfulness

As a trainer of Heartfulness, I can vouch with all my heart for this meditation program. I took this program when I was going through my life’s most difficult days. All of us face tough times in life and you can resonate with me when I say when you feel totally lost, hit rock bottom, every decision you make goes into a spiral of self doubt. Your world suddenly goes upside down, it’s almost like you have been swallowed by a storm. This is when my journey with heartfulness started.

Dealing with sadness, resentment, anger all on one side, to me the most hard hitting reality is that I was waiting for the storm to be over and there is no sign of it. I am ever grateful to my parents and especially to my mom who supported me in these hard times. She encouraged me to try a meditation program Sahaj marg a.k.a Heartfulness that she was following for the last 10 years. Though I had no personal interest, just to please her, I started too. That is when I found my Master. The practice of meditation rekindled the faith and courage to take life back on. It’s a heart based meditation and it transports you to a higher level of consciousness. Every single day I felt protected and the burden I carried was lightened. My perspective of life has changed. Acceptance came in easily. Brought back peace in my life. Forgiveness gave me the power to let go and move on from my past.  

Later in life I told one of my practitioner,  if you forgive the person who hurt you, it will help you to move on, I was literally rebuked for making that statement. It’s not easy for people to forgive. But my perspective of forgiveness did change, practice has taught me how laws of karma work. How the subconscious patterns are formed  and how we react, making the same mistakes over and over again. It’s a vicious cycle hard to be broken. When you are able to see deep through the mechanics of life, we understand that we are sum total of our impressions that we carried in this life and our past lives. We replay good and bad programs and make more impressions or karma. We have to remove those deep seeded patterns and retrain your mind to be in sync with your heart. Heartfulness offers such a technique of cleaning these negative, complex patterns and purifying us from within. It lets the heart regulate the mind. Because the heart knows what the real truth is. Heart knows what you really need. It brings you the inner wisdom, removing all the clutter from the mind. Our minds are always judging or validating, maligned with so many impressions that the real truth goes hidden. Heartfulness helped me to move on from the past and reclaim my life. 

The only ingredient you need to give that can make this beautiful shift is your commitment. I showed up every single day for my meditation practice. I connected day after day with my inner source of light.  I did my practice diligently and it paid off. I am immensely grateful to the Masters of Heartfulness for bringing this beautiful technique to the world and comforting millions of people in pain or stress. I had been consistent from day 1 in my practice and was able to let go of my past and could start a new life. It doesn’t happen in months or year’s time, it’s a journey of self realization which you will look forward to, slowly putting things in perspective, you will realize what needs to be valued most, what should be ignored. It brings you back to the core principles that will let you live a more fulfilled life. Heartfulness has given me a new life and as I continue my journey and evolve as a better human I wish to share this technique with the world and urge you to give it a shot.  I promise you, you will discover the new version of yourself.  Every single day will be a new learning, a journey towards self realization, old fallacies will wither away and you will awaken to your inner truth, your inner wisdom. You will discover your authentic Self. 

Hope, I did inspire you enough to try Heartfulness, it’s worth it!

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  1. Devidas Chengalath

    Beautifully written heart speak, Rasmi.💓👍

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