How to transform your life

How do we transform life? How to develop positive mental health, stay optimistic and not get lost in a downward spiral of worry, fear and anxiety? 

How to come out of a self-limiting or self-sabotaging  belief system?

How to be happier and live a fulfilled life?

We can truly live our dream, we can truly Master our lives and not hold on to any self limiting belief system. Elixir to living an empowered life is already inside us, we just have to unveil it. Here are 7 simple ways that I have learnt in my life journey, that can transform your life.

Embrace the Power of Positive thinking 

Having an optimistic attitude or mindset, is the practice of focusing on the good in any given situation. Many studies have shown that it can have a phenomenal impact on your physical and mental health. Positive emotions are linked with better health, longer life, and greater well-being.

Some of us are naturally optimistic, it’s easy for them to navigate their lives. But what if we fall into the group who are naturally pessimistic. Are you someone who overlooks good things and worries about petty things that ruined your day? Are you someone who tends to expect the worst to happen ? Are you someone who has black and white thinking who sees only good or bad and no middle ground?

Well, you are not alone. I used to suffer from seeing the worst outcome in any situation and be afraid to take action. Now that is how I was wired. Call it my personality trait or experiences in my life. I wasn’t aware that this mindset is actually sabotaging me from living  my life fully. When I started researching self mastery books, philosophies of life, from the Guru’s to the SadhGuru’s, the motivational speakers to authors, all spoke about the same thing -”You are what you believe”. Changing your inner attitudes can bring about the change in the outward reality in life.  

I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become. ― Carl Jung

Focus on where you want to go, not on what you fear! ― Tony Robbins

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going. Jim Rohn

And so I began my journey to transform my life, to reprogram myself. Good news is being self aware and willing to change, your half the battle is already won. Wise use of affirmations and visualization techniques can do the trick. It’s not going to change overnight, but with consistent efforts and practice for sure, will bring the change you desire. 

Incorporate Meditation into your life

Most important thing is to bring meditation into your life. I integrated Meditation to my life back in 2007. I joined Heartfulness and relentlessly put in one hour for the practice until I could see results. Meditation helped me accept things in life as the way they are rather than feeling victim in all situations.  It is my anchor, a place that would help me heal and give me peace in any chaotic situation. It gave me mental clarity, helped me see the brighter things in life and cut all the noise which otherwise would trap my attention. It gave me courage to overcome my flaws and embrace the changes in life. 

It’s a journey of continuous learning as you go, the more you do, the more your consciousness expands. Deepens your self awareness. It is only through meditation we can unlock our true potential. Things that used to annoy you previously loosens its intensity until you reach a stage that doesn’t bother you at all. You stay calmer and stronger in situations. I never understood one thing about reaction until my Master explained the difference between feeling and emotion is like fire is to smoke, Feeling angry or sad is completely fine but to flow in intense emotion and being unreasonable is harmful to you. By doing meditation, you evolve as a more compassionate and tolerant individual. Learn more about Heartfulness

Be in the present moment

Realize deeply, the present moment is all you have – Ekhart Tolle

Mind is always caught up in the past or future, to be aware is to live in the present moment. It is only in the present moment you can create your reality that will be the foundation for the future. Stop living in the past. Practice acceptance without judgement, it is the way to recovery. Choose wisely to respond than to react. Have the patience to persevere and practice it until it becomes a habit!  

We have heard all these quotes a zillion times from our childhood, how much percent do we sincerely practice? Honestly, we don’t.  We take life for granted and we are so busy that we are happy to operate our lives in lower vibrations leading unfulfilled life. And when we do realize, it’s too late and we are too old to practice. There is a lot of laziness that needs to be shaken off, there is a lot of hard work that needs to be put in. If you are resonating with me and you really want to transform your life, live an empowered dream, operate with higher consciousness, we need to start detoxifying our lifestyle, integrate meditation, practice with dedication until you have mastered your Self. 

It’s a continuous journey of self discovery to self mastery. I am glad I started mine. I’m in a much evolved state from where I started. Sincerely urge you to invest in yourself, it is totally worth it!  

Art of Forgiveness 

Forgiveness is such a beautiful medicine for a stress free life. It’s only when you forgive you let go of the hold up emotion that is in fact harmful to you than the other person you are angry with. There are many factors that influence a disagreement, but if you are more flexible, things will be easy for you. Being rigid or stubborn will only bring a lot of resistance and you may have to deal with bottled up emotion. You can agree to disagree and make peace with the situation. Everyone has the right to hold a different opinion depending on his or her past experiences or be inclined to think in a way you may dislike. We have to adopt the attitude to be less reactive and more proactive as you want to have a win-win feeling for a peaceful communion. Communication is the key for relationships, we can’t let it go cold and suffocate the relationship. Worst it will lead you in a spin of disappointments and it gets harder to come out of that situation. Sooner the better be kind to yourself and forgive the other person or yourself in the situation and make peace. Sometimes it may not be possible to reach out to someone and let them know, in such cases if you have wholeheartedly forgiven, it will let you heal from within. And this is a very important step to transform your life, to live an empowered life. 

Power of Letting Go

Life is not fair sometimes for some reasons we might not know but we still have to face life with positivity and let go of expectation, let go of the feeling victim to circumstances. The science behind letting go is when heaviness is released from your heart there is so much expansion, lightness and freedom experienced which is worth it. Initially, I didn’t understand what let go actually meant until I did from my heart. When my heaviness left me and I could feel as if a burden was lifted off me. It was emancipation from my own mind. We are all so used to living in our own constructs of our mind creation controlled by our thoughts and impressions that we have gathered throughout our lives or past lives that we remain ignorant of what reality actually is.

Practice Gratitude

Gratitude is the way to truly live from the heart. Think about how grateful we should be to be alive today, how grateful we should be to our family and friends who support us in many ways. Shouldn’t we be grateful to the community we are living in, to everyone whom we are connecting with, to our beautiful Mother Earth for letting us live, breathe in here. Shouldn’t we be grateful to all the trees and plants to create oxygen for us to survive. Shouldn’t we be grateful to God almighty to create all the life around to make life on Earth so livable. And the list goes on.  Every moment if we were aware of this truth, we would be more respectful to each other and care for one another. We are interdependent on each other for survival, we cannot ignore or take anyone for granted. Man has become so self centered that he forgets the basic principle of his survival. This kindles a deep sense of brotherhood and unity in us and it is never too late to awaken to the feeling of being grateful. Practice gratitude everyday, write at least 3 people whom you are grateful for today, Say for example, I am grateful to my spouse who packed lunch for me, I am grateful to the Starbucks staff who gave me a nice strong espresso shot to make my day. I am grateful to my daughter, she did the homework by herself and I could relax after a tiring day. I am grateful to my mom for preparing a surprise dinner for us.

Gratitude sends a positive energy into the universe, it has a ripple effect, and good vibes come back to you. When you start your day with gratitude and such humility, can you have a bad day? It is the honest intention that matters. Sincerely urge to practice it everyday. 

Random act of Kindness

The Random act of kindness phrase was first introduced as a mindfulness practice. I was so touched with the concept, it induces a level of reciprocation. Be kind to the server, hold the door for the next person, run errands for a group, car pool to your office, wish someone you don’t know, compliment someone for their work, leave a positive comment on someone’s post, write a nice review, reduce paper usage, encourage your team, donate, cook a meal, thank a teacher, volunteer, offer help, deliver flowers to your mom, leave a generous tip, compliment your parent for something you admire, run a 5k for a cause, start a laughing club. There are millions of ideas that you can choose from to be kind and gracious. You are not only making others happy but elevates your happiness. Increases Serotonin, the happy hormone, increases energy and well being. Decreases stress and anxiety, reduces pain and depression symptoms. Do acts of kindness in person or anonymously, you can start a ripple effect of sharing happiness and making a difference. If you want to be a Kindness Activist. Join

If you can integrate these 7 simple ways in your life, you will transform your life and also the lives around you. Focusing on the brighter side of life and ignoring the small failures will bring in joy to your life. You will start living a more happier, meaningful life and an empowered life.

Thank you, I am so grateful to you for taking time to read through this post, if you do feel inspired, please share with your friends and family. You can also watch the video below or on YouTube channel TLVTalks. Don’t forget to subscribe to watch more inspirational videos. 

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