Heartfulness Meditation

“Follow your heart” goes the famous saying. It is the heart that knows what will make you truly happy. Heart is the channel through which we are connected to one another. The most beautiful expression of love comes from the heart. If you really mean sorry, it comes from the heart. If you are ever grateful to someone it comes from the heart. It is said to be the seat of the soul. I am very impressed by the philosophy of Heartfulness, it is a journey from the complexity of the mind to the simplicity of the heart. My journey with Heartfulness started when I was going through my most difficult days.  I have been a practitioner for 12 years and for last 4 years, I have been volunteering as a trainer to initiate the practitioners to meditate. Heartfulness Meditation offers you a simple set of relaxation and meditation practices. You will learn to brush aside the complexity of thoughts and enjoy deep states of consciousness and stillness that will refresh your mind and body. This is an ancient practice of Raja yoga refined and simplified for modern everyday life so that it can be practiced every day by people from all backgrounds and all cultures. Thus it is easily integrated into a busy lifestyle, bringing inner balance and contentment in life.

Benefits of meditation

  1. Improves Self awareness
  2. Able to cope with stress and anxiety
  3. Inner peace, balance and relaxation 
  4. Brings in acceptance in life
  5. Able to let go of emotional stress
  6. Inner peace and well-being 
  7. Gives clarity and making wise choices
  8. Finding inner strength and confidence
  9. Happier relationships
  10. Improves focus and productivity

Above listed are just a few benefits of meditation, Heartfulness is not a a tool but a path. It brings you back to the core of your being which is your true Self. Heartfulness Meditation is practiced around 130 countries and has reached to million practitioners. It is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to uplift the communities. It is delivered free of charge and I highly recommend you to try it.  

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