Guided Relaxation to relieve stress and better sleep

Sit in a comfortable posture with back straight up and feet firmly touching the ground. You may like to sit on a chair or couch or cross legged on the ground. We will now begin the guided relaxation to relieve stress and better sleep.

Close your eyes. Bring your awareness to be present. Take a deep breath in to fill your lungs, hold for a few seconds and slowly exhale (2), take a deep breath in to fill your abdomen, hold for a few seconds and slowly exhale. Let us now practice breathing with intention. Breathe in peace and tranquility.  As you exhale, release all tensions and worries. Breathe in love and kindness and exhale all anger and hatred. Breathe in courage and breathe out fears and any resistance. Breathe in freedom and joy and exhale all your limitations and any sorrow.   

Sit with love and gratitude in your heart. 

Now imagine soft divine golden light descending from the top of your head. It moves down your forehead, eyes, nose, mouth, chin and jaw. Allow entire facial muscles to relax. Let go of any tension you may have.

Now let this golden light flow down your neck. through your shoulders to your upper arms all the way to the tips of your fingers.

Bring your awareness  to your chest area and your stomach area. Feel the divine light flow throughout this area soothing every muscle.

Bring your awareness to your upper back, and feel this golden light flow all the way down your spine.Release any tension or tightness in your muscles. Feel that your entire upper body is completely relaxed and lightened.

Now feel your hips relax, feel the energy moving through your lower body. Release the muscles in the bottom, the thighs, allow the soft golden light flowing down through your knees, down to your calves and ankles and feet. Let go of any tension and relax. Entire lower body is completely relaxed and allows the energy to flow out through the tip of your toes into Mother Earth. Deep state of calmness fills your mind, your entire body and your soul. You are feeling immense peace, joy and love. Be in that state and deepen your experience of being in peace, joy and love.

Wait for a few minutes

Now if you feel complete, slowly bring your awareness back into your room. 

Hope you like the guided relaxation to relieve stress and sleep better. You can also find the below video on my YouTube channel TLVTALKS. Please Subscribe for supporting my channel.

Credit: Video by Music by YouTube Library

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