Best Ayurveda tips for Improving Immunity

Our immune system, in other words our defense management system in our body attacks the pathogen causing diseases and speeds up the recovery process. Since a decade we are witnessing more occurrences of autoimmune diseases, antibiotic resistant microbes, damaging the gut friendly bacteria thereby weakening our immune system. Ayurveda offers preventive approach to improve immunity and stay healthy. This preventive aspect of our immunity is primarily related to digestive system. If you do maintain a good gut health, you will have higher immunity. Mind and emotion also have a deep influence on our immunity. Ayurveda develops natural remedies that holistically take digestion, mind and immunity into consideration to maintain a state of equilibrium in the body, mind and soul. Here are 15 best Ayurveda tips for improving immunity.

Immunity enhancing foods 

  1. Start your day with Ginger tea to cleanse your respiratory tract. Adding lemon and honey will help boost immunity.
  2. Use Turmeric and black pepper in your diet to boost immunity and reduce toxin.
  3. Tulsi or Basil leaves supports immunity.
  4. Guduchi or Giloy which an antioxidant and rich in Vitamin C  is a immune booster.
  5. Taking a 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of Amalika powder or Indian Gooseberry – dry Amla powder boosts immunity and rejuvenates the system.
  6. Reduce intake of meat and avoid all processed foods and sugars.
  7. Drink warm water throughout the day this will keep the microbes away.
  8. Take Ashwagandha to deal with stress and anxiety, calm your nerves and strengthen your immunity.
  9. Triphala balances your doshas and helps in digestive disorders.
  10. Licorice is a revitalizing herb and boosts immunity.
  11. Daily use Ghee in your diet. 
  12. Eat easy to digest food that is favorable to your body type, eat proper quantity and at proper times.
  13. Stress and worry lowers the immunity. Keep a positive mindset and stay happy.
  14. Daily invest your time in yoga, pranayama to balance your body mind connection and build Ojas.
  15. Regular application of herbal massaging oils like sesame, coconut, Brahmi or neem oil helps in balancing Dosha and enhancing Ojas.

Hope you are inspired by the Ayurvedic suggestions to improve immunity and overall well being.


The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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