Hey there,

My name is Rashmi Singh and welcome to my blog TruLightVision. Thank you for taking time to visit the blog!

Born and raised in Hyderabad, India, I moved to the US in 2011. Worked as a Software Engineer for more than 12 yrs. Life had become so hectic and repetitive that I was missing living life. I took a break and spent 3 years in just being with family, being just mom and invested good time in meditation to unwind myself.

I’ve been practicing meditation for the past 12 years with Heartfulness which is an ancient spiritual system that teaches heart based meditation practice for elevating consciousness. Last 3 years have been intense and transforming. My perception of life has renewed and I sincerely feel that if each one spends at least 30 min each day in meditation and take that qualitative pause in your day and reflect, we can make wiser choices and become better humans.

Thanks to my husband he pushed me to try something new. I knew the road to build from scratch is going to be challenging. I meditated on what inspires me the most and how can I add value to the world around me. This is when TruLightVision was born.

I had always been intrigued about researching on mind, body and soul. How can we heal our body naturally? What is the mind’s capacity that is yet to be unveiled. What is the soul’s life purpose? So I started this blog with a mission to share my learnings exploring ancient wisdom and best practices from around the world, reach as many hearts as possible to make it easy for all to access and empower lives from within.

Thank you for stopping by. Stay Blessed!
Rashmi Singh